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Manufacturer cautions against use of mupirocin ointment in burn.Mupirocin Ointment USP. (other than mupirocin). Formostar.

Mupirocin Ointment is to be used on your skin only. Can you use clotrimazole cream for a burn.DO NOT use cream, lotion, oil, cortisone, butter, or egg white.When Rode et al used topical mupirocin to treat 59 burn wounds infected with methicillin.Acne Skin Help. Search. if you are treating a burn or open.Mupirocin is not recommended for use on the skin in serious burns,. used for the ointment, polyethylene.An alternative is mupirocin ointment or cream, or bacitracin ointment.

I have used Bactroban Topical Ointment in the past for treating skin infections on my lower legs,.The wraps are designed to help burn fat and get rid of cellulite.Mupirocin is an antibiotic ointment used for the treatment of canine.Also, talk with your doctor before using Bactroban ointment on open wounds or burns.

Mupirocin should not be used on skin affected with serious burns.

Topical Antibiotic Cream

Mupirocin is used as a topical treatment for bacterial skin infections, for example, furuncle, impetigo, open wounds, etc.How to Apply Bactroban. If you must use Bactroban and another topical cream on the same area, try to apply them at least 30 minutes apart from one another.Mupirocin ointment should also only be used for the condition for which it was prescribed.Mupirocin topical cream is used to treat secondarily infected traumatic skin.

This was given to me for a bad 2nd degree burn it is also used for impetigo. Mupirocin ointment can be used on your penis.

Mupirocin Ointment Skin Infection

Mupirocin cream is applied to the skin to treat seco. continue. More Information About Bactroban.Bactroban cream and ointment are used to treat bacterial infections that affect the skin.TOPICAL OINTMENT: A small amount of Bactroban Ointment should be applied to the affected area three times daily. -burns Warnings For external use only.BACTROBAN Cream and BACTROBAN Ointment contain mupirocin calcium 2%. topical treatment of burns.

DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Mupirocin is an antibiotic that is used.Antibiotic therapy for impetigo may be with a topical agent alone...

Mupirocin skin ointment is used for treating impetigo due to Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes.Use Bactroban Cream for the full amount of time prescribed by your doctor or as recommended in the.Mupirocin (2%) Topical Antibiotic Ointment. its very itchy and burns on the skin.